Full disclosure. Kasey Chambers and I have history. A few years back, through the mystical forests of social media, I offered to provide handclaps on a future album. As yet, this offer has not been taken up. – Robert Murphy, AFL Western Bulldogs Captain

Inspirational – and hilarious – Western Bulldogs captain, Bob Murphy, sat down with his friend Kasey Chambers to chat to her about latest album Dragonfly, and the results were enlightening as well as entertaining.

As he wrote in her biography:

One of life’s joys is to follow the thread of an artist, particularly one as talented and forthright as Kasey. Each album is seemingly a signpost of her station in life, and like any art worth its salt there’s enough common ground for all of us to feast upon. Heartache and redemption are good like that.

‘Dragonfly’ is Kasey Chambers’ 11th album and there is much to be learned even before you hear a note. When an artist has enough songs to fill a quarry and THEN they release a double album, well, this in itself seems like a statement of intent. This girl has something to say. In sporting vernacular, she’s hitting them cleanly.

On that sporting note, as the 2017 AFL season kicks off this week (with Bob Murphy returning to captain the reigning premiers after making a full recovery from a knee injury), we’re rolling out the interview in parts across the next month.

Here’s Part 1: Kasey on Inspiration and Art